Saturday, 19 April 2008

Socks Mad

3 years ago I had a serious bout of beaders block, I didn't bead for about 6 months and started to knit instead. Thankfully I got back to beading but still kept knitting on the back burner. Last November I decided to have a go at knitting socks, BAD IDEA! I am now just as obsessed with sock-knitting as I am beading which makes it difficult to balance the 2 time-wise. So far I have knitted 2 pairs of Monkey socks, 1 pair of simple rib socks, 1 pair of Hedera (for my Aunt), 1 pair of Primavera socks and I currently have a pair of Embossed Leaves and RPM's on the needles. So when I have finished the 2 pairs on the needles I will have knitted 7 pairs of socks. I would really like to make 20 pairs by November, that's 6 months to go, so I'll need to double my sock output to reach that goal. Yikes, that's quite a challenge, oh well nothing ventured nothing gained, I see quite a few pairs of child's socks in my future!

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