Monday, 28 April 2008

Monday Update

I have decided to start the week off with an update of what I've completed (or not) & what I have in progress, it will help me keep track of whether or not I'm achieving anything.

Beading - I made a really quick & cute necklace with a peyote & brick stitch leaf pendant & a plated neckwire. No pics yet, will post in the week. I have also started a larger project which is an embellished peyote collar with flowers & fringe etc. The design is by Lynn Davy (Nemeton) & is called the rose garden from Bead magazine issue 8. I am using a mix of lilac/purple beads and I am happy with the work so far. I hope to get pics soon for that too.

Knitting - Ah yes knitting , apart from buying yarn I haven't really done much except rip out a perfectly pretty half knitted dublin bay sock in a snit fit last week and cast on for a pair of jaywalkers, better get a move on.

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