Thursday, 17 April 2008

Back to Basics - Black & White & Red All Over

This week I decided to go back to basics with my beadwork . When I first started beading, peyote was the bane of my existence & I absolutely dreaded learning tubular peyote, but it turned out not to be too scary after all! I haven't used the stitch for a while so I decided to make some beaded beads using black 11's & red & white size 8 Toho's, I made 5 and then threaded them onto some knotted suedette cord. So simple but pretty effective!

My next back to basic tubular peyote is using silver lined crystal 11's & blue delica's, the size difference is not so obvious and therefore the tube doesn't have the nice sculptural quality of this piece, might just have to be a test piece destined for the scrap box!


freebird said...

You have just done more beading than I have in a while. I need to get back to basics since I never really got them to begin with. That is one of my new year's resolutions.

You are certainly welcome to join my pay it forward. Just copy the paragraph on my post that you saw and get (or try to get) three people to sign up so you can pass it forward. Good luck.

I see your blog is new. May I ask, how did you find mine?

librabeader said...

It was one benefit of recovering from dental surgery! I actually had some peace & quiet to sit & bead, it's the first thing I have finished in a while.

I did join your PIF, thank you! I'm off to drum up some takers for mine!