Monday, 9 February 2009

My favourite flower.

A few years ago we were doing up our garden and I was desperate for an oriental poppy, we searched three garden centres and eventually found one beat up half dead plant at the last one. I bought it not expecting it to survive but with a lot of tender care that year it did actually flower. From then it has grown huge and lush and I have a profusion of enormous bright red flowers that make me happy to look at them when I am doing the washing up!

So when I saw Kerrie Slade's poppy pin in the latest issue of Bead magazine I had to make one straight away, it was a lovely pattern to make, quick & easy to follow, I then stitched the flower to a flat netted cuff and I can't wait to wear it! Thanks Kerrie for such a great pattern! You can check out more of Kerrie's work by clicking on the link at the right.

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Kerrie Slade said...

I love what you've done with your poppy Sarah, that's just the kind of thing I would wear!

You sound like me, standing at the kitchen sink, smiling at the beautiful flowers in my garden :)

Best wishes
Kerrie x