Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Scary Experience

On the way home tonight, our car lost control downhill and we crashed into 2 cars. Thankfully we are all OK. The damage to the cars doesn't seem too bad & the insurance were pretty good on the phone. People saw us careening from their windows and came out to help with mobiles in hand ready to call the ambulance, I think they were shocked that we didn't need them. I'm not normally big into religion or spirituality but I truly do believe that someone was watching over us tonight, it's amazing that we weren't hurt!


mahuahua said...

oh no,sounds scary!:( glad you're all okay!xxx

No Easy Beads said...

I am glad to hear there was a happy ending to this story and everyone is ok. I believe someone watches over us too.

samboy said...

eeek glad you're all ok! the weather was terrible! x

Jean said...

How terrifying. The outcome could have been so much worse. I often think about that when people are walking along the pavements and the roads are slippery - doesn't bear thinking about.

One winter, many years ago, someone stole my car so I got a hire car on the insurance. So I went from driving a tatty old mini to a huge saloon car and it snowed overnight. I had never driven in snow before and within 10 minutes I had wrapped the hire car around a lamp-post.
They gave me another one, though !