Monday, 28 December 2009

The calm after Christmas.

Phew, Christmas with a five year old is very exciting but very tiring too! Santa brought everything my son wanted and a few extra too, where to put it all now, though? Some highlights of the day were Kiddo exclaiming that it was the best Christmas ever when opening his stocking before he had even seen the rest of his pressies and him singing an alternative version of jingle bells that had the line Uncle Billy lost his willie and didn't know what to say, at the table in the middle of Christmas lunch with my all his grandparents in attendance. My mother-in-laws face was a real picture!

Now that things have calmed down, I have actually been beading hooray! It'll be nice to get some new pics up on the blog soon.

If you are curious about what I look like there is a picture of me with the lovely Sam on her blog, I couldn't work out how to copy it here, bless me! Sam is about the only person I know in real life as well as blogland and she takes great photo's, check out her photography blog too!

Hope you all had a fab & peaceful holidays!

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samboy said...

thankyou sweetie!

back in work tomorrow - boooo! x