Sunday, 10 May 2009

Little Black Dress Earrings

Although I wear earrings almost everyday, I make very few of them. I thought it was about time I rectified the situation, so for the next few
weeks I am going to try & focus on expanding my earring collection, apart from the rings I am making as gifts of course.

These earrings are from a design called Little Black Dress Earrings by Marcia DeCoster published in Beadwork Magazine Dec/Jan. You can find a link to Marcia's blog on the right.

These earrings were a real delight to make! Relatively quick & easy and they use just a small amount of materials to great effect. These are for me, but I think they would make a wonderful gift for someone who loves earrings.
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bemese71 said...

Oh I like this "Little Black Dress Earrings"!!

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