Tuesday, 15 July 2008

I must have been nuts

To think I could knit 20 pairs of socks in a year. Not with all that's going on. I'm scrapping that idea , sans the guilt complex, and will instead attempt to document my progress towards Summer Of Socks 2008.

My first completed pair of socks for SOS 2008 were my 1st ever pair of toe-ups, anklets in Regia that ended up looking like they were knit for Hobbit feet. Comfy though. I am 3/4 way through a lovely pair of Fawkes socks (designed by the late Gigi Silva, wonderful pattern) using J Knits sock yarn in Florida, it's bright yellow and orange and knits like butter, I love it!

This weekend my Gran had a heart attack, she's recovering , but to deal with the stress I cast on & ripped out 4 different patterns. I finally settled on Primevera socks In Regia Silk, lovely bright stripes in blue, purple pink, orange & yellow. It's a super simple pattern & knitting up a treat, think I'll give them to nana when she gets out of hospital.

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